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While Medical Quality Assurance Improving, Licensure Needs Increased Accountability

Report 03-06, January 2003

Report Summary

The consolidation of the Medical Quality Assurance Program into the Department of Health was achieved in an efficient and effective manner. The program has improved the timeliness of its complaint process and its response to serious complaints. While the program has not issued licenses by default, it lacks data on how long it takes to process license applications. The program has recently addressed the problem of delinquent licenses, but needs data to track the success of the new policy. While the department is beginning an electronic continuing education tracking system, it may not be effective unless the Legislature amends the law to make provider registration mandatory.

We recommend that

  • the program track the actual number of days that it takes to process license applications,
  • the program assess the effectiveness of its new delinquent license policy, and
  • the Legislature consider alternatives to the electronic continuing education tracking system.

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