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Volusia County School District Eligible for the State's Seal of Best Financial Management

Report 08-28, April 2008

Report Summary

  • On January 27, 2004, the Volusia County School Board voted to implement the action plans in the Best Financial Management Practices Review (OPPAGA Report No. 03-59) published in October 2003. OPPAGA developed these action plans to help the Volusia County School District implement the best practices, which would make the district eligible to receive the Seal of Best Financial Management from the State Board of Education.
  • Since the release of our original report, the district has implemented all 14 action plans contained in the original OPPAGA report. Thus, the district has put systems in place that will help it improve its management, increase its efficiency and effec
  • OPPAGA recommends that the State Board of Education award the Seal of Best Financial Management to the Volusia County School District.

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Copies of this report in print or alternate accessible format may be obtained by email OPPAGA@oppaga.fl.gov, telephone (850) 488-0021, or mail 111 W. Madison St., Room 312 Tallahassee, FL 32399-1475.
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