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Early Learning Coalitions' Administration and Program Support Expenses Vary Widely; Opinions Divided on Coalition Efficiency

Report 08-61, October 2008

Report Summary

  • The current local governance structure for early education programs provides flexibility and input from a broad range of stakeholders. Early learning coalitions may establish delivery systems based on local conditions such as resource availability and community needs. The coalition governing boards help ensure community input in key policy decisions and oversight activities.
  • In 2006-07, early learning coalitions spent an average of 9.5% of their funds to administer and provide program support to the School Readiness and VPK programs. Coalitions vary substantially on the proportion of their budgets they spend on these activities. Coalition size and population density, community partnerships, and economies of scale may contribute to this variation.
  • Program stakeholders are divided in their opinions on the efficiency of the governance structure. The most frequently cited inefficiencies included oversight activities and communication/training. Stakeholders also raised concerns over board membership requirements, the inability of certain board members to vote on important issues, and board member attendance issues.
  • The Legislature could consider four options if it wished to change the way local early education programs are structured. Stakeholder support for these options depends on the group they represent.

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