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Little Duplication in Court-Related Services; Clerk/Court Cooperation Should Be Improved

Report 10-11, January 2010

Report Summary

  • Clerks of circuit court and court administrators perform a range of activities that support the state courts system. These court-related functions are assigned to clerks by statute, court rule, and administrative order and are assigned to court administrators by the chief judge of their circuit. These assignments generally are consistent across the state with little duplication between those performed by clerks and those performed by court administrators. These activities are funded through filing fees, service charges, court costs, fines, state general revenue, and local county dollars.
  • Current performance measures do not adequately assess the efficiency of court-related functions, which can be affected by insufficient cooperation between clerks and the courts as well as circuit geography and disproportionate caseloads. The clerks are working to establish unit cost metrics, and additional performance measures and standards should be developed for the courts as well.

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