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Review of Bay Correctional Facility and Moore Haven Correctional Facility

Report 97-68, April 1998

Report Summary

  • Although private prison vendor performance during the 1996-97 fiscal year was satisfactory, the private prisons did not provide the state with the 7% level of overall cost savings anticipated by statute.
  • The Bay Correctional Facility, operated by the Corrections Corporation of America, was more costly to construct than public prisons constructed during the same period, and did not provide operating cost savings to the state during the 1996-97 fiscal year.
  • The Moore Haven Correctional Facility, operated by the Wackenhut Corrections Corporation, was constructed within the cost range of public prison constructed during the same period, and provided a savings of about $480,000 in operating costs during the 1996-97 fiscal year. This represents savings of approximately 4% over comparable public prison operating costs.
  • The Correctional Privatization Commission did not structure the contracts to ensure that the projected level of operating cost savings was achieved. Requiring vendors to return canteen profits and telephone commissions to the state treasury and restructuring the contract with the Corrections Corporation of America would allow both private prisons to provide the state with approximately 7% operational cost savings.
  • The private prisons have introduced some different methods of construction and operation into the state correctional system, such as a more compact prison design and greater use of technology such as cameras in the housing units. However, it is too early to determine if implementation of these alternatives would improve existing department practices.

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