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Department of Environmental Protection

Recreation and Parks

What is the purpose of the program?

The goal of the Florida Park Service is to help create a sense of place by showing park visitors the best of Florida's diverse natural and cultural sites.  Florida's state parks are managed and preserved for enjoyment by this and future generations through providing appropriate resource-based recreational opportunities, interpretation, and education that help visitors connect to the real Florida. 

What services does the program provide?

The Recreation and Parks program includes several programs.

How many individuals visit Florida's state parks and trails, and how much economic impact do they generate?

In Fiscal Year 2018-19, over 29 million people visited Florida's state parks and trails, an increase of approximately 4.5% from the prior fiscal year, compared to the legislatively approved performance standard of 3.5%. During Fiscal Year 2017-18, visitors to Florida's state parks generated over $66 million in revenue, and the overall economic impact of the state park system to the state exceeded $2 billion.

How are volunteers and private support organizations used by the Recreation and Parks Program?

Florida's state parks have benefited from the efforts of citizen support organizations, the Florida Greenway and Trails Foundation, and the Florida State Parks Foundation. These organizations and park volunteers provide support by volunteering, educating visitors, hosting events, and raising funds for specific park projects.

In addition, companies, businesses, and organizations work with Florida State Parks by providing days of volunteer service. These companies have helped with projects such as painting, debris removal, kiosk construction, and native vegetation restoration projects. 

How are these activities funded?

Fiscal Year: 2020-21
Fund Dollars Positions

Where can I find related OPPAGA reports?

A complete list of related OPPAGA reports is available on our website.

Where can I get more information?

Other Reports

Florida Greenways & Trails System Plan 2019-2023, Department of Environmental Protection.

Economic Impact of Outdoor Recreation Activities in Florida, Department of Environmental Protection, August 2017.

Florida Park Service 2016-2017 Resource Management Annual Report, Department of Environmental Protection.

Florida Statewide Comprehensive Recreation Plan Participation Study 2016-2017, Department of Environmental Protection.

A complete list of the Department of Environmental Protection's Office of the Inspector General reports are available on its website

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Performance Information

Performance measures and standards for the department may be found in its Long Range Program Plan.

What are the applicable statutes?

Chapters 258, 259, 260, 375, and 418, Florida Statutes.

Whom do I contact for help?

Division of Recreation and Parks, 850-245-3029