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Progress Report: Lake District Not Yet Eligible for the State's Seal of Best Financial Management

Report 03-72, December 2003

Report Summary

  • On October 28, 2002, the Lake County School Board agreed by a unanimous vote to institute the action plans in the Best Financial Management Practice Review (OPPAGA Report No. 01-68). OPPAGA developed these action plans to help the district implement the best practices, which would make the district eligible to receive the Seal of Best Financial Management from the State Board of Education.
  • Currently, the district has fully implemented 13 of the 87 action plans contained in the OPPAGA report and has partially implemented 62 additional action plans. While the district has thus made progress on 86% of the action plans, it is not eligible for a Seal of Best Financial Management at this time. We based these conclusions on a desktop review of the district's annual self-report, discussions with district staff, and an inspection of available documentation provided by the district. We have shared our conclusions with the Lake County School District along with a detailed description of what it still needs to do to fully implement each of the remaining action plans.
  • OPPAGA will again review the implementation status of action plans based on the district's next status report.

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