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Progress Report: Lee County School District Has Implemented Best Practices and Is Eligible for State Seal

Report 05-50, October 2005

Report Summary

  • On March 4, 2003, the Lee County School Board voted to implement the action plans in the Best Financial Management Practices Review (OPPAGA Report No. 02-58). OPPAGA developed these action plans to help the Lee County School District implement the best practices within two years, which would make the district eligible to receive the Seal of Best Financial Management from the State Board of Education.
  • As of August 2005, the district had implemented 113 of the 115 action plans contained in the OPPAGA report. In addition, it is taking steps needed to fully address the two remaining action plans. Thus, the district has put systems in place that should help it to significantly improve its management practices and increase its efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Because the district completed its implementation of many report action plans in the past year, it will require additional time to realize the full, five-year cost savings projected in the original report. Thus, we recommend that district administration report on a quarterly basis the status of the fiscal impact of these recommendations to the school board and public. We also recommend that the district monitor several issues to ensure that it continues to meet best practice standards.
  • OPPAGA recommends that the State Board of Education award the Seal of Best Financial Management to the Lee County School District.

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