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With Effective Planning, Accountability, and Oversight, School Districts Can Successfully Outsource Services

Report 04-26, March 2004

Report Summary

School districts outsource services for a variety of reasons, including lowering labor and overhead costs, improving access to increased technical expertise, increasing personnel flexibility, shifting capital investment costs, improving access to state-of-the-art equipment, and improving the organization's focus on education. Most often, services outsourced by school districts are in the areas of transportation, facilities maintenance and construction, and food services.

  • School districts can take several steps to better ensure the success of outsourcing:
  • evaluate the availability of the services in the private sector;
  • develop a business case to evaluate the costs and benefits of outsourcing;
  • establish a plan for transitioning into outsourcing;
  • clearly identify contractor performance and cost expectations in the contract document;
  • establish mechanisms to ensure the contractor meets district expectations; and
  • develop a contingency plan to be used in the event that outsourcing does not meet district expectations.

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