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The Delays in Screening Sexually Violent Predators Increase Costs; Treatment Facility Security Enhanced

Report 08-10, March 2008

Report Summary

While the Sexually Violent Predator Program has addressed some problems identified by prior reports, other deficiencies still exist.

  • Offenders often spend extended periods in detention while awaiting the outcome of the civil commitment process, increasing program costs and diminishing effectiveness.
  • The registry of mental health experts maintained by the Justice Administrative Commission lists few psychologists specializing in sex offender evaluations.
  • The new program vendor has not fully implemented its enhanced specialized treatment component for developmentally disabled offenders.
  • Adding a community re-entry phase would enhance the program's long-term effectiveness.
  • While facility security has improved, the program should refine the categories of reportable incidents to better track safety and security at the treatment facility.

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