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Review of the Florida Lottery, 2019

Report 20-03, January 2020

Report Summary

  • Lottery transfers to the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund increased in Fiscal Year 2018-19 to $1.927 billion, $168.7 million more than the prior year. This increase is primarily due to higher Mega Millions draw game transfers, as well as higher scratch-off game transfers.
  • Several additional game and product distribution options are available to further increase transfers to education. However, some options could represent expanded gambling.
  • The Department of the Lottery continues to outperform the legislative performance standard for its operating expense rate, which is the second lowest in the nation.
  • The department reports achieving efficiencies and savings from new contracts, but has not yet launched the new Lottery mobile app.
  • According to department administrators, they adjusted the contracted security study request for proposals to address our prior recommendation to include an evaluation of security measures for fast play games in the scope of the study
  • The department continues to implement its retailer integrity program, and player protection should be further enhanced once the department implements the ticket scanning function in the new mobile app.
  • The department halted the final phase of its plan to bolster and enhance the prevention of underage play and no longer plans to conduct underage sting operations. However, the department is exploring age verification functionality for vending machines.

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